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What is Trust-Your-Universe

➤ Trust-Your-Universe is a premium trading strategy in the crypto and forex trading space.

➤ The software trades fully automatically 24/7 for the customer and generates profits.

➤ TYU does not charge any entry or monthly fees! Every customer can start for free at Trust-Your-Universe and build a passive income with the help of our software.

➤ The company is financed by a profit share. The customer keeps 60% of all profits generated by the unique software. The remaining 40% is the so-called „profit share“ for the company. In short: We only grow when our customer grows!

TYU Bull

Trading involves short-term trading positions in stocks, currencies and other financial instruments.
The trader tries to match the rise and fall of stock market prices when selling and buying, so that he makes profit on each trade.

This means that TYU has developed trading strategies and systems based on
human finesse, but executed and calculated by AI-based software solutions.
and calculated. As we all know, a trading software is just a piece of
Software that has been programmed by one or more people. With the
TYU’s new approach, developed through years of research and experience, is not only
years of research and experience, it is not just a piece of software, but rather a self-learning
self-learning and self-improving trading AI that works with current markets and
trading records over the last ten years.

Why Trust-Your-Universe

Our dedicated, multilingual customer service team works around the clock to provide you with an exceptional level of support. TYU is one of the largest forex brands in the world, and we work hard to ensure that our clients make the best trading and investment decisions. Our
wide range of services allows you to get the best guidance, advice and resources to build a richer future.

Transparent results

The results are public and easily visible on MyFxBook. This is a third party tracking provider independent of us, which makes it possible for traders:
Link the trading account and thus transparently make the results from the „trades“ visible.

Real time market trading

We provide the most advanced tools to help you succeed at: Daily automated trading through our artificial
intelligence and expert traders

MyFxBook Statistik
Marketing Plan

It takes just three steps to get to the rest of the income:

  1. Use the product and see the results for yourself

  2. Recommend Trust-Your-Universe to your friends / acquaintances or even customers

  3. Support them to set up the product
Marketing Plan

Now you earn daily on the profits of your customers and enjoy another passive income through TYU Trade

Universe Trading
  • Instead of investing money in expensive TV/radio or internet advertising that no longer works.
    Trust-Your-Universe uses the most valuable and honest kind of advertising: recommendation
    advertising: the recommendation from person to person.

  • Therefore, Trust Your Universe distributes 42.5% of all company profits back to their
    own community and grows with the community as a cohesive unit.

  • How big YOUR PART of this 42.5% is, you decide yourself by your own
    own performance and with the help of our marketing plan.
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